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Best Tips To Groom Your Dog At Home

How to groom your dog

If you are an animal person, then you’ll surely have a cute little furry friend with you. Grooming a pet can be hard but grooming a dog is hardest. First and the foremost thing in grooming your dog at home is you can spend a lot of time with your dog that will result in […]

How To Take Care Of A Labrador Dog

Labrador Retriever

Labrador are considered as an ideal family dog and is among one of the most popular dogs breeds.They tend to be healthy, gentle, playful, and energetic. However, some needs of Labradors are different from other dog breeds. It’s really important to understand these few basic points on how to take care of Labrador: Specific Food […]

How To Celebrate The Birthday Of Your Cat

How to celebrate your cat birthday

Birthdays are always special as it’s the time of the year when you express your unconditional love and affection for your loved ones. Being a pet owner, it’s really exciting to celebrate your pet’s birthdays and adoptiversaries but how to do that? Let us give you a few ideas. Choose a perfect present for your […]

5 Reasons Why Kittens Are Aggressive

Why kittens are aggressive

Aggressiveness is the action of violent behavior. It is common in all living beings either human or animals. Coming to the cats, they usually show their aggression using their teeth and claws. In order to survive in the wild cats need to learn the predatory skills and hence aggression is one of them. These behaviors […]

Why Do People Always Prefer Cats Over Dogs

Cat vs Dog

Having a pet is definitely an extremely personal choice and which animal to have as a pet surely depends upon the interest of the pet’s owner but there are a few other things also that are to be taken in consideration while deciding which animal to have as a pet. Most commonly kept pets are […]

Top 5 Dog Breeds In Pakistan

dog breeds in pakistan

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen. Dogs are considered as one of the most faithful animals and man’s best friend. Mostly large dog breeds are found in Pakistan. Some of them are very dangerous and rare, but which breed you should keep and adapt totally depends on the nature […]

A Guide To Take Care Of A Newborn Kitten

A Guide To Take Care Of A Newborn Kitten

Taking care of a newborn kitten is very difficult and challenging and is a huge responsibility. Normally, cats look after their newborn kitten up to the age of 6 weeks. But in case newborn kitten is separated from the mother either dua to adoption or mother’s death or disowning the kitten, then the cat’s owner […]

Do You Know What Are Catnips And How This Can Attract Your Cat

Catnips for cats

Catnips are the type of plants that attracts cats. It is also known as “catmints”. Catnip itself is a mint plant and was originally originated from North Africa and currently present all over the world and can be grown at homes too. Nepetalactone is a substance that is released by the catnips and is found […]

Top 5 Cat Breeds In Pakistan

Top Cat Breed in Pakistan

Cats are the most adorable and loved pets not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Cats are considered more loyal than human beings and are more affectionate than dogs. Keeping cats is much easier as compare to other pets as cats are independent in most of their tasks and more cute and fluffy. […]

Losing A Pet Is Like Losing A Family Member

Losing a pet hurt more than people think

Losing a pet can be much more painful and traumatising than most of us can imagine. Pets are the perfect companions and best friends. They are an essential part of the family and losing a pet have an equal impact as that of losing a family member. Just like human beings, pets also leave behind […]