5 Reasons Why Kittens Are Aggressive

Why kittens are aggressive

Aggressiveness is the action of violent behavior. It is common in all living beings either human or animals. Coming to the cats, they usually show their aggression using their teeth and claws. In order to survive in the wild cats need to learn the predatory skills and hence aggression is one of them.

These behaviors in cats range from minor to extreme scratching and biting. It’s unusual that a scratch or bite from a house cat will be fatal, but such injuries can be painful and also have the risk of infection. Let’s have a look at a few common reasons that causes aggression in cats.

Fear-Induced Aggression:

fear induced aggression

Fear aggressive cats believe in “the best defense is a good offense.”. The fear induced aggression can occur in any situation where the cat feels threatened or trapped. This stimulates their sympathetic nervous system and activates “fight and flight” reflex and when they feel like they don’t have any option to escape, the only option left with them is to fight. They are fearsome in themselves and hence they can attack you or hurt you in order to defend themselves.

Pod-Cat Aggression:

Pod Cat Aggression

Pod-Cat aggression is also known as non-recognition aggression and its very common among cats. This aggression is something that all the veterans have witnessed and is commonly observed when one of the cats returns home somewhere. Cats primarily rely on their vision to identify other cats but smell also plays a big part for the cat to recognize another cat. When one of the cats returns home, she might smell different due to application of shampoo,spray or maybe environmental smell and fragrances and hence unrecognizable for the cats at home and they might attack her assuming a stranger. This type of aggression is identified as Pod-Cat aggression.

Maternal Aggression:

Maternal Aggression

Maternal Aggression is basically a protective act of a mother cat to her kittens. Its a normal behavior of a cat while defending her kittens.It is the fear of a cat that someone might snatch or harm her kittens and to protect them she gets aggressive and attacks in response.

Play/Predatory Aggression:

Play Predatory Aggression

Play or Predatory aggression is the normal action and routine behavior of the cat. Often cats become aggressive while playing because their such behavior was encouraged when they were kittens. The underlying problem is usually boredom and excess of energy which they don’t know where to utilize. To cope up with this problem “ Never play rough with your cat”.

Territorial Aggression:

Territorial Aggression in cats

Territorial aggression is shown by a cat or kitten when they feel some other cat or animal is trying to occupy their territory. It’s quite normal and is often seen in domestic cats especially. To protect their territory they might use their teeth and claws to attack the opponent and it might be really very aggressive and harmful.

Aggressiveness is very common either its in cats or other animals but aggressiveness in cats can be minimized by providing them with cat accessories and toys that can divert their attention and bring a positive mood change in them that will eventually make them more playful and active. For the best accessories you can visit the best online pets store in Pakistan “petshub.pk”

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