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Top Reasons of Sneezing In Dogs

Sneezing in dogs

Sneezing is the widest and most common reason for disease transmission but sneezing isn’t only limited to human beings but can be observed in dogs and other animals too. Mostly human beings try to suppress their sneeze to avoid spreading germs but dogs love to sneeze care free and openly. Sneezing from time to time […]

What If Your Dog Gets Choked

Dog Choking

Playing and Roaming around is an important and essential part of a dog’s life but it is equally hard to monitor your dog all the time. In unfavourable circumstances, your dog can eat anything around while playing and get choked.  Choking is an action when an object gets stuck in the windpipe (trachea) instead of […]

What Are The Main Reasons Of Anxiety In Dogs

Anxiety in dogs

Anxiety can be fatal whether its presence in animals or humans. It is a body’s natural response to fear or stress. Pet anxiety can be present and prevalent amongst many animals, especially dogs. Anxiety in dogs can be caused due to various reasons. According to the vets, these are the most observed reasons for anxiety […]

Top 5 Common Dog Diseases In Pakistan

Top 5 Common Dog Diseases

Just like humans and other animals, pets can also get sick and suffer from different diseases, some of them might be common and acute while others can be chronic and fatal. As a vet owner, it is really important to identify the signs and symptoms your pet is exhibiting and seek help from qualified vets […]