Top 5 Common Dog Diseases In Pakistan

Just like humans and other animals, pets can also get sick and suffer from different diseases, some of them might be common and acute while others can be chronic and fatal. As a vet owner, it is really important to identify the signs and symptoms your pet is exhibiting and seek help from qualified vets at petshub.pk to prevent your pet from losing his health and in fatal cases his life too. Let’s discuss some of the most common diseases found in dogs.

Ear Infections:

Ear infections are amongst one of the common diseases in dogs. Ear infections can be due to various reasons like allergies, yeast and bacteria, ear mites, deep hair growth in the ear canal, ear blockage due to water or fluid and many others. Your dog might exhibit signs and symptoms such as vigorous scratching, loss of balance, head tilting, Ear odour, redness of ear canal, swelling and discharge from ears, etc.

If you notice any of the above symptoms in your dog take him to the vet immediately or call on petshub.pk’s helpline to connect with our vet. Ear infections are usually treated with medications and cleaning the ear thoroughly and if chronic surgical procedures can be required too.

Vomiting & Diarrhea:

Vomiting & Diarrhea itself isn’t a disease but are the signs of many other diseases from stress, infections to pancreatitis, kidney failure, heatstroke, obstruction in the digestive tract or even poisoning. If you notice other symptoms along with them like drooling, nausea, lethargic and blood in vomiting it surely reflects a serious issue and you must visit the vet immediately. Treatment depends upon the cause of vomiting. Your dog might need fluid therapy to prevent dehydration, vomiting control drugs and might need some dietary supplements too.

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Fleas are very easy for your dog to pick up and a single flea can increase to 1000 within a few weeks. Your dog can easily get infected with fleas but they are also easy to get rid off. Signs and symptoms that indicate your dog having fleas are Excessive scratchings, licking or biting, Hair Loss, Dermatitis, Tapeworms and flea dirt. The flea can further lead to infections, allergies, blood loss and can cause anaemia too and makes your dog extremely comfortable. Hence, visit the vet immediately when you notice any of the mentioned symptoms and opt for the right treatment that may include medicated collars and shampoos, oral medicines, sprays and topical liquids.

Canine Distemper:

It is a viral disease that can be transmitted from dog to dog via air. It is contagious and not curable hence its highly important that you get your dog vaccinated against it. Common symptoms exhibited by the dog suffering from Distemper canine are High temperature, coughing, lethargy, loss of appetite, heavy breathing, red eyes and a runny nose. Diarrhoea and vomiting.  If you doubt your dog is suffering from canine distemper immediately contact our vets at petshub.pk.


Nearly all living beings are capable of getting infected and animals are on top of the list. Rabies is one of the most common viruses that cause infection in dogs. It is caused by the rabies virus and is very fatal in dogs. The virus is spread by saliva either by a bite from an infected animal or by saliva contaminating skin wound. Contact with the wildlife in any way can also introduce the chance of rabies.

All dogs are equally loved and cared and no one wants to lose their furry friend hence if you notice any unusual symptoms in your pet immediately contact the vet.

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