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COVID-19 In Cats

Covid19 in cats

An important issue that is making the headlines these days is coronavirus also known as COVID-19. Coronavirus have already caused millions of deaths across the world and it is said that this virus is transferred via sneezing, coughing or transfer of germs but something that pop ups in our mind is that does it only […]

Top 5 Reasons Of Vomiting In Cats

vomiting in cats

Vomiting in cats itself isn’t a disease but it may be a sign of any other harmful disease. Vomiting once or twice is acceptable but if it is more than that and if it is more often, you should definitely consider taking your cat to the vet. Excessive vomiting can be an indication that there […]

Top 3 Symptoms of Diarrhoea in Cats

cat suffering from diarrhoea

Diarrhoea or commonly known as the upset stomach can be really painful and annoying whether it’s present in humans or cats but it’s more discomforting in cats as they cannot express what they are going through or feeling and they don’t even know how to resolve it. Before solving the issue it’s important to understand […]

Overfeeding Pets Can Be Harmful

overfeeding to a pet

Overeating is harmful not only in humans but in pets too. Chubby and oversized pets look extremely cute and adorable but overfeeding them can have serious and dangerous effects on your pet. It is difficult to say no when that adorable face is begging you to share some of your food with them, but at […]

Top 4 Common Reasons of Hair Loss in Cats


Hair loss, also known as alopecia is one of the mutual and commonest complaints amongst all the cat owners. Cat’s alopecia isn’t only harmful to cats but it can cause many fatal diseases in human beings too. Alopecia in cats is extremely terrible especially for cats whose beauty and grace lies in their hair coat. […]

Maggots in Pets

Maggots in Pets

Myiasis (also known as maggots) is a medical term used for a condition in which fly larvae, either maggots (myiasis) or grubs (Cuterebriasis) infest on the skin of another living animal. These maggots then eat the cats/dog’s dead skin and dying skin tissues and if not stopped may further move to the healthy skin and […]

Common Cat Diseases

Cat common diseases

For every pet owner, a pet is more of a family member than an animal and losing a family member or loved one is definitely amongst one’s biggest fears. Cats are adorable pets and definitely one of the cutest creatures but unfortunately, cat’s disease are widely spread and you cannot prevent or cure them unless […]