About Us

Petshub.pk is Pakistan’s #1 online pet store. At pethub.pk you can find all you want for a pet. We offer quality accessories and food items for pets, especially cats and dogs. Other than this, at petshub.pk you can buy and sell pets with credibility.

Petshub is the very first platform for pets in Pakistan which offers all under one roof type of facility. Now you can take extra care of your pets and give them a happier and healthier life. Our COD service has increased your comfort to double. By just one click you can order everything for your pets while sitting anywhere in Pakistan. At petshub, you can buy premium quality pet accessories online like shampoo, towels, collars, training tools, sprays and much more. In food items, you can buy 100% original and imported supplements & vitamins, milk replacers, and dental items.  

Here you can also sell and buy pets of your choice from third parties. We assure credibility and quality. Pets-hub is the easiest solution for the clean and healthy growth of your pets.

Why Petshub?

There are numbers of online pets shops then why you would choose petshub? Let us explain this. At petshub, you can find high-quality products which are fresh and healthy for your pets. You can also find attractive accessories easily. These credible things are hard to find on other platforms. 

Prices and Savings. 

What makes us unique is our pricing. At petshub, you can save more with quality assurance. All accessories and services are at very affordable prices as compared to the market. Now, this is some kind of good change for pets shopping. 

Safety and Guarantee.

In pets online shopping in Pakistan, major insecurity is the safety and guarantee of the product. One best thing about petshub is we assure the safety and deliver in a timely manner. If any product found defaulted, we also offer a return or exchange within a given time. 

Customer feedback.

Customer feedback is the most precious thing for powerful brands. It also creates loyalty between brand and customer. You can acknowledge us with your valuable feedback through emails and social media.