Top 5 Cat Food In Pakistan

Top 5 cat foods in Pakistan

Choosing a cat food for your cat solely depends on its breed, age, surroundings and last but not the least its activity level. Different food brands offer different products for different breeds and ages. Let’s discuss the top 5 best cat foods in Pakistan and the variety of products they offer. Royal Canin Royal canin […]

Top Reasons of Sneezing In Dogs

Sneezing in dogs

Sneezing is the widest and most common reason for disease transmission but sneezing isn’t only limited to human beings but can be observed in dogs and other animals too. Mostly human beings try to suppress their sneeze to avoid spreading germs but dogs love to sneeze care free and openly. Sneezing from time to time […]

Top 5 Reasons Of Vomiting In Cats

vomiting in cats

Vomiting in cats itself isn’t a disease but it may be a sign of any other harmful disease. Vomiting once or twice is acceptable but if it is more than that and if it is more often, you should definitely consider taking your cat to the vet. Excessive vomiting can be an indication that there […]

What If Your Dog Gets Choked

Dog Choking

Playing and Roaming around is an important and essential part of a dog’s life but it is equally hard to monitor your dog all the time. In unfavourable circumstances, your dog can eat anything around while playing and get choked.  Choking is an action when an object gets stuck in the windpipe (trachea) instead of […]

Top 3 Symptoms of Diarrhoea in Cats

cat suffering from diarrhoea

Diarrhoea or commonly known as the upset stomach can be really painful and annoying whether it’s present in humans or cats but it’s more discomforting in cats as they cannot express what they are going through or feeling and they don’t even know how to resolve it. Before solving the issue it’s important to understand […]

A Guide To Take Care Of A Newborn Kitten

A Guide To Take Care Of A Newborn Kitten

Taking care of a newborn kitten is very difficult and challenging and is a huge responsibility. Normally, cats look after their newborn kitten up to the age of 6 weeks. But in case newborn kitten is separated from the mother either dua to adoption or mother’s death or disowning the kitten, then the cat’s owner […]

Do You Know What Are Catnips And How This Can Attract Your Cat

Catnips for cats

Catnips are the type of plants that attracts cats. It is also known as “catmints”. Catnip itself is a mint plant and was originally originated from North Africa and currently present all over the world and can be grown at homes too. Nepetalactone is a substance that is released by the catnips and is found […]

Overfeeding Pets Can Be Harmful

overfeeding to a pet

Overeating is harmful not only in humans but in pets too. Chubby and oversized pets look extremely cute and adorable but overfeeding them can have serious and dangerous effects on your pet. It is difficult to say no when that adorable face is begging you to share some of your food with them, but at […]

Top 5 Cat Breeds In Pakistan

Top Cat Breed in Pakistan

Cats are the most adorable and loved pets not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Cats are considered more loyal than human beings and are more affectionate than dogs. Keeping cats is much easier as compare to other pets as cats are independent in most of their tasks and more cute and fluffy. […]

Choosing The Right Litter Tray Is Actually Very Important

Litter Tray

Once you bring a kitten home, It brings a lot of responsibilities along with joys. Keeping a pet isn’t as easy as most people think. You need to train your kitten for a lot of things and training to use the litter box is one of the most essential training. It is a fairly easy […]