Top Reasons of Sneezing In Dogs

Sneezing in dogs

Sneezing is the widest and most common reason for disease transmission but sneezing isn’t only limited to human beings but can be observed in dogs and other animals too. Mostly human beings try to suppress their sneeze to avoid spreading germs but dogs love to sneeze care free and openly. Sneezing from time to time is common in dogs but if it gets more frequent that’s something you should be concerned about. There can be multiple reasons that can cause sneezing in your pets i.e. allergies, dust etc. Like humans, dogs can also be allergic to chemical products, cleaning products, fragrances and dust. Sneezing can also be due to food allergies so best to give your dog the most suitable dog food and for that you can always contact best online pet store in Pakistan i.e petshub.pk.

Sneezing can be more prominently observed in hunting dogs, as they have more exposure to dirt areas and more filth and dust get into their nose hence be more careful when your dog goes around nose-deep through the undergrowth.

Sneezing can be a sign of some serious illness. Let’s look in more detail about the reasons for sneezing:

Nose Irritants and Allergies:

Just like humans, when an irritant gets into the dog’s nose or when they are allergic to something, it results in sneezing. In both cases a tickling irritating sensation is produced in the nose that results in sneezing. If your dog’s allergy is confirmed by a qualified vet, you can get your furry friend a Hypoallergenic dog bed from Petshub

Kennel Cough:

You can confirm kennel cough if your dog sneezes with a combination of noise. Noises in particular like that of choking and obstruction. Kennel Cough is contagious and can be found in socialising dogs as they have more interaction with other dogs and animals.However, Kennel cough can be treated and you should immediately rush to our vets at petshub.pk if you doubt your pet is suffering from kennel cough.

Nasal Mites:

Nasal Mites are tiny arthropods that get into your dog’s nasal passage and result in sneezing. If you suspect nasal mites in your dog, contact our vets at petshub.pk immediately. They might insert a small camera in your dog’s nose and look for nasal mites. If nasal mites are found, anti-parasitic drugs need to be administered.

Dental Issues:

Dental issues can also cause sneezing as Dogs teeth are in the surrounding area of their nasal area and any issue in their teeth and gums irritates the nose as well and causes sneezing.

Sneezing can be due to different causes from simple allergy or nasal infection to tumours. The best option is to always consult a vet when you notice anything unusual with your furry friend. To book an appointment with our vets at petshub.pk you can inbox us or call us on 0306-0357535. A Healthy dog is a happy dog.

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