Top 5 Reasons Of Vomiting In Cats

vomiting in cats

Vomiting in cats itself isn’t a disease but it may be a sign of any other harmful disease. Vomiting once or twice is acceptable but if it is more than that and if it is more often, you should definitely consider taking your cat to the vet. Excessive vomiting can be an indication that there is something wrong with your cat’s health but before consulting a vet, there are a few possible reasons that you might like to know.

Hairball is amongst the most common and popular reasons for vomiting in cats. Hairballs are cylindrical plug like substances that are usually accompanied by clear fluid. They are often found in cats that are furry and have high hair maintenance and grooming requirements. They can be consumed during the grooming session or if the grooming session is delayed and cats have more hair fall and long hairs. Combing your cat’s hairs daily and having regular grooming sessions might help in overcoming vomiting due to hairballs.

    • Gobbling

Cats have horizontal oesophagus and when they eat large amounts of food rapidly, it may hit against their lower oesophagus and bring swallowed food up again to the mouth and hence leads to vomiting. Cats usually react in this way where there are more than one cats and they are competing for food. If you have a single cat with the same complaint, you may spread meals out. Give tiny portions of food at smaller intervals.

  • Milk

It’s a common myth that cat loves milk but this isn’t true at all. In fact, your cat might be allergic to milk and it is also important to know that your cat doesn’t have appropriate enzymes to break down the milk sugar present in cow’s milk and therefore can result into vomiting.

  • Diet

It is also possible that your cat might be allergic to the type of food or some ingredients present in the food that you are giving her. If your cat is consuming poor quality leftover food, it might lead to the disturbed digestive system and other critical illness in your cats too. Apart from daily meals, the treats you are giving to your cats should also be considered. Low-quality treats can also lead to an upset stomach and vomiting even if your cat is consuming high-quality meals regularly. If the treatment you are giving to your cat contains chemical dyes, emulsifiers or surfactants, don’t feed it to your cat because that can lead to gastrointestinal inflammation too.

  • Food Timings

If your cat has fixed meal timings, your cat will start expecting food at that time and will release bile and other gastric juices and in case the food is delayed, she might vomit yellowish liquid or white foam. It is because the gastric juices released disturbs the stomach lining and causes irritation.

Other possible reasons for vomiting can be liver or kidney diseases, gastric issues, food poisoning, metabolic issues or inflammatory bowel diseases. If you notice that your cat is vomiting too often, you must immediately report to the vet.

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