What Are The Main Reasons Of Anxiety In Dogs

Anxiety in dogs

Anxiety can be fatal whether its presence in animals or humans. It is a body’s natural response to fear or stress.

Pet anxiety can be present and prevalent amongst many animals, especially dogs. Anxiety in dogs can be caused due to various reasons. According to the vets, these are the most observed reasons for anxiety in pets:

When dogs are separated from their owners, they feel restless and upset. It is one of the most common types of anxiety present in dogs.

  • Lack of growth:

Dogs that are kept isolated until 14 weeks of age are prone to anxiety and can suffer from anxiety throughout their life. Anxiety doesn’t only affect the dogs psychologically but emotionally too and one of the biggest impacts of anxiety is on dog’s growth and development.

  • Physical Condition or disease:

Physical conditions play a vital role in psychological development. If a dog or any other pet is diseased and suffering from pain or any other discomfort position, he may display anxiety symptoms and can be lethargic and upset and would continue to stay in the same position until recovered from disease or illness. 

  • Environmental change:

If the dog’s home or environment is changed, he may feel anxious or distress. He may take a while to settle down at the new place and feel comfortable. 

  • Ageing:

Ageing is amongst one of the most popular reasons for anxiety in pets. As age increases, there is a prominent decrease in health and bone’s condition. It causes psychological stress and anxiety in dogs. 

  • Dietary changes:

Diet plays a vital role in pets health, both physical and psychological. Changing a diet can be a terrible decision for your dog as it may contain some ingredients to which your pet might be allergic. 

How to Identify your dog’s anxiety:

Look for signs and symptoms of anxiety in your dog and once you identify the few of them it is suggested to visit a qualified pet to get suitable medication or solution. Few prominent signs and symptoms of anxiety are:

  • Aggressive behaviour 
  • Destruction of furniture and household items. 
  • Loss of appetite. 
  • Breathlessness 
  • Loud and continuous barking 
  • Excessive licking
  • Lazy and lethargic behaviour 
  • Panting and tongue out. 

Once you have diagnosed that your dog is suffering from anxiety, it is necessary to get it treated. Exercise, medication and massage can be a vital part of a treatment plan. Further home remedies and herbs can be tried to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Try to spend as much time as possible with your dog and involve him in sports and other fun activities that can bring him out of stress. Take your dog out for a walk and running games and create a healthy environment for him. A happy dog is definitely a healthy dog.

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