Choosing The Right Litter Tray Is Actually Very Important

Litter Tray

Once you bring a kitten home, It brings a lot of responsibilities along with joys. Keeping a pet isn’t as easy as most people think. You need to train your kitten for a lot of things and training to use the litter box is one of the most essential training. It is a fairly easy task. Cats are naturally clean animals and try to keep themselves clean. If you want a tray for your furry friend you can visit petshub.pk.

Before you start training your cat on how to use a litter box, you need to be considerate about a few things. Let’s have a look at them.

Choosing The Right Litter Box:

Ideally, the size of the litter box should be thrice than the size of your kitten. It provides the kitten space to move around and litter at more than one place. The sides of the litter box must be low and shouldn’t be sharp so that your kitten can easily enter and leave. The litter box must be changed according to the kitten’s growth and development. A small litter box will make your kitten feel confined and uncomfortable and he wouldn’t be easy in using it.

Cat Litter Tray

Choosing the right placement:

Allot the place to the litter tray where your cat feels comfortable and easy. Cats always prefer privacy and peace for such things. Make sure you place the litter tray where it is accessible for the cats and not in the close cramped place like below cabinets and under beds. Also, keep it away from the appliances with a loud noise. Another thing to be kept in mind is cats don’t litter near the area where they eat or sleep. Hence, a litter tray should be kept away from the cat’s eating and sleeping place.

Choosing the right litter sand:

Some kittens are okay with whatever litter you choose for the litter box but some kittens are really choosy and picky about the litter. Most kittens prefer soft materials such as sand and Ideally, coconut cat litter is the best organic option as it has a natural scent, with a soft, natural and comfortable texture that kittens generally love. Because it is natural, your kitten will be able to adjust to it quickly as well.

Cat Litter

When introducing the litter first time, your cat may try to consume it and since they have a very sensitive olfactory system, make sure the litter material is non-toxic and shouldn’t contain any harmful chemicals and should be unscented.

If you have multiple kittens, provide each of them with a separate litter box. Make sure you clean the litter maximum after a week. While training your kitten, you need to be very patient and careful. Dealing with a pet is equal to dealing with a baby so all pros and cons must be considered. You can also buy high-quality litter trays and other cat accessories from the best online pet strore in Pakistan with complete trust.

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