Losing A Pet Is Like Losing A Family Member

Losing a pet hurt more than people think

Losing a pet can be much more painful and traumatizing than most of us can imagine. Pets are the perfect companions and best friends. They are an essential part of the family and losing a pet have an equal impact as that of losing a family member.

Just like human beings, pets also leave behind their owners with a ton of memories. Seeing other pet owners playing with their pet often bring tears in the owner’s eyes because of missing their own pet. Your Pet Accessories, Places, Utensils, Toys and all other things associated with your pet takes you in the flashbacks.

Just like humans, pets cannot be replaced especially when they are brought up with so much love and care. Pet owners have so many cherishing and happy memories with them which they keep in their heart forever. They often keep their pets favourite toys and accessories safely and remember their favourite food and miss playing and cuddling with them Losing pets is one of the most painful experiences that pet owners have to go through. Many people underestimate this traumatising experience especially those who do not have pets.

Most of the pet owners are deeply connected to their pets and the impact of losing their best friend is so intense and long-lasting that often pet owners refuse to adopt another pet. People often feel divested just like they have lost a loved one.

A pet definitely adds structure to your day, keep you socially active, help you to overcome setbacks and challenges in life and even give a direction and purpose to your life.

Coping up after losing a pet: 

Coping up after losing a pet is one of the most difficult phases for the pet owners but there are healthy ways to cope up with this situation and come out of this phase of sadness and grief.

  • Burst out your emotions

It is completely okay to express your pain. Cry if you feel like doing so, scream, burst out your inner pain and express yourself. Tell yourself its okay to be angry, aggressive or whatever you feel like, express it without feeling embarrassment and weak.

  • Talk to someone with similar experience

Reach out to the support groups, pet loss hotlines or other friends and relatives who have gone through a similar situation. Talk to them, discuss with them how you feel and learn from their experiences about how to come out of this phase.

  • Keep Urself busy

Keep yourself busy and occupied in other activities and try to divert your mind in other activities. If you have other pets look after them more. Avoid seeing the things which were related to your lost pet and once you are somewhat better you can adopt another pet and nourish him with much more love and care.

  • Seek Psychological help

If you feel you are unable to cope up with the situation and come out of this trauma on your own, you can seek help from a psychologist and taking a few therapies can do wonders for you.

Losing a loved one is always painful, whether its a pet or a family member but what matters is that the time spent with them is full of happy and joyful moments that will always give you memories to cherish forever.