Tail Positions Indicating Your Cat’s Mood

Cat Tail

Tails are good indicators of the mood and it is the most applicable in case of cats. Your Cat’s tail can tell you what she is up to and since our pets cannot speak its really important to understand their body language. Let’s consider a few cat tail positions and identify what they are trying to indicate.

Position High:

The high tail is like a high neck. When your cat is walking with her tail high in the air it shows she is confident and satisfied. It indicates that she is in a happy and contented.

Curved Like a Question Mark:

Curved position indicates that your cat is in a playful mood and wants to have a fun game with you. So be ready to leave your work and play with your cat else she might hurt you while playing and jumping around.

Low Tail:

Low tail position of your cat indicates that your cat is in an aggressive and serious mood and might even attack at you anytime. Some cats keep their tails habitually down such as Persian cats.

Tucked Away:

If your cat tucked away her tail and hide it under her body it shows your cat is scared or nervous about something and she is trying to protect herself.

Whipping Tail:

A whipping tail is a combination of both: fear and aggression. If your cat is moving her tail back and forth, it indicates that she is ready to attack at you anytime and it might be just a self-defenses for her.

Swishing Tail:

When your cat is swishing her tail i.e. moving it from side to side, it indicates that she is focusing on something and it might be catching a toy or holding some vibrant color ball. She might also be focusing on her food bowl.

Wrapped Around Another Cat:

When your cat wraps her tail around another cat it conveys the message of affection and friendship. It’s same as human wraps arms around another human being.

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