Good Reasons to Regularly Groom Your Cat

Grooming isn’t only necessary to make your cat look adorable but it is also essential to keep your cat healthy. Grooming is crucial for the well-being and good health of your cat. The amount of grooming your cat needs totally depends upon the type of your cat, its breed, the kind of its coat and the type of activities it performs.Lets have a look at the few important points that elaborates the importance of grooming.

Makes your cat more comfortable:

Brushing always makes your cat feel good and comfortable. It eliminates any kind of discomfort present. If you use the right type and kind of brush, you can successfully remove almost all of the dead hairs that in return encourages the growth of new healthy hair and helps in bringing cat’s natural oil into the skin. While brushing it also gives your cat a soft comfortable massage and prevents matting. Incase any matt are already present, brushing will remove them and will make your cat feel healthy and fresh. Removing dirt and debris out of your cat’s coat will also make them more comfortable, prevent further matting and replenish their skin and coat. You can also use combing and grooming glove for better results.

Prevent Ear Infections:

Ear Infections are very common especially in cats with long-coats therefore it is necessary to clean the cat’s ears regularly.Wax build up, fluid accumulation, dirt and debris accumulation should be cleaned regularly to prevent ear infections, ear mites and other ailments. Ear cleaners are available in the market which are designed by the vets specially to clean, deodorize, dry and prevent accumulation in the cat’s ears. Clean ears also makes the cat feel active, healthy and comfortable.

Prevent Fleas & Ticks

Bathing your cat regularly will prevent the flea and tick infestations. A flea comb is a special fine-toothed comb. Use it daily and in the neck, stomach and base of tail areas especially. Flea and tick collars are also created to repel fleas and ticks. Medicated collars are safe to use on kittens and are effective for a finite period of time and then must be replaced.

Nail Trimming:

Nails are part of the body that invites dirt and infections the most and unfortunately they are one of the most overlooked parts of the cat’s grooming too. Long nails are not only unhealthy but also uncomfortable for your cats too as they may stuck into carpets and other cloth pieces. Your cat’s overgrown nails can also grow into your cat’s skin and causes extreme pain and discomfort for them. Nails trimming should be an essential part of the cat’s grooming especially incase of domestic cats who are more prone to infections and especially designed nail trimmers can be used.

Grooming Your Cat Helps in Overall Inspection:

Regular grooming helps you in identifying any underlying lumps, marks, bumps or any changes developed on the cat’s skin. It also helps in identifying the change in the cat’s body temperature and physique. Early detection helps in identifying any disease at an early stage and helps in finding any abnormality present at the earliest. Grooming is an important part of your cat’s development and growth and doing it on a regular basis helps you in catching any abnormality before it’s too late.

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