5 Reasons Why German Shepherd Is A Good Family Dog

German Shepherds are great family dogs. They are considered as good house dogs because of their calm nature and caring temperament but it is really important that you take time to make sure that your GSD puppy is comfortable with you and other human beings. Also it is recommended that you adapt GSD puppy instead of a GSD dog so that you can give them proper dog training as well as socialization training from the start. Let’s have a look at the top reasons why GSD is a good family dog:

Intelligent Dog Breed:

GSD is amongst one of the intelligent dog breeds and can easily learn what you make them do. A large number of police dogs are GSD all around the world. They are well trained and knows how to keep their family safe and secure. They are amongst the best guard dogs and protects and save their family in the best possible way. They are very caring and possess a protective attitude towards their owners.

High Energy Levels:

GSD have extremely high energy level which makes them exceptionally active as compare to other dogs hence they don’t get tired soon and you can let your children play with them as long as they want. GSD makes an ideal companion and are really friendly and cooperative towards their family members but keep in mind they can be aggressive and impulsive when it comes to strangers or someone they aren’t familiar with.

Generally strong and healthy:

GSD are generally strong and healthy dogs as long as they are given proper balanced diet that can fulfill all their nutritional needs. They need proper grooming and care and if you are dedicated enough to provide them with that, they are healthy and strong enough. GSD can help you to stay healthy. Yes, they require at least 30 minutes of daily exercise because they are an active dog breed so walking and playing with your dog will eventually make you healthy.

Easily Adapt to any lifestyle:

One of the best and appreciable points of GSDs is that they can adapt to any lifestyle easily. Without much effort they can alter their routine according to yours and they can socialize well if they are given proper training from an early age. Along with love and care, it is extremely important that you give proper training to your GSD puppy and also you need to make sure they don’t get disturbed when they are having their meal or drinking water. You should leave them alone when they are resting and shouldn’t interrupt them while sleeping. Keeping a dog is not only a hobby but a responsibility too. Hence before adapting one make sure you are capable enough to bear the financial expenses including dog food , dog accessories and vaccinations and also that you have enough time to play with them, train them and look after them.

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