5 Things You Should Never Do As a Cat Owner

Leaving your cats outdoors unsupervised:

Do not leave your cat outdoors unsupervised. Your indoor kitten can be curious, confused or frightened when left alone outdoors and may run towards the traffic or into some bushes or other predators area. When you take your cat out for a walk or playing, make sure you have them supervised and monitored and better keep them tied with a lash or collar.

Leaving your windows open:

Loosely hooked and open windows are a hazard for your cat. Ensure that your window screens are sturdy and limit window openings to an inch or two when you’re not around to keep Kitty safely indoors. Your cat might jump and hit the window out of curiosity or excitement and if you leave on top floor, falling from window might also get your cat hurt and injured. Cats love to jump and play around and that’s not only cute but risky too.

Skipping The Vet Visits:

Do not skip your cat’s vet visit. Apparently your cat may look healthy and active but there might be one or more underlying diseases that aren’t apparent or prominent. It might be an eyesight disease or a kidney dysfunction. A monthly, quarterly or annual vet visit plays an extremely important role in your cats health. You should get your cat regularly vaccinated and checked by the vet thoroughly.

Neglect Teeth Brushing:

Don’t forget to brush your cat’s teeth regularly or at least thrice a week. If you wouldn’t practice regular brushing with your cat they may develop plaque which can eventually turn into tartar and can lead to gum pain and eventually tooth loss. Cats aren’t very friendly and comfortable when it comes to opening their mouth wide and holding on to it hence you need to be extremely careful and prepared while brushing your cat’s teeth.

Hair fall:

Do not ignore your cat’s hair fall. It might be just a regular hair fall but it can also be a symptom of gastrointestinal disease. Hair fall does not only makes you uncomfortable by seeing hair all over your clothes, carpets and furniture but it also annoys the cat. Regular grooming might help in reducing your cat’s hair fall but it doesn’t completely finishes it. Its recommended to get your cat checked by the vet when you notice an increase in the hair fall to clear out any doubts about any underlying disease. Pets aren’t only a passion but a huge responsibility too and most people treat pets as their children. It is preferred to understand your pets priorities in food as well as pet accessories and toys to make them more comfortable, healthy, active and easy going.

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