Do You Know What Are Catnips And How This Can Attract Your Cat

Catnips for cats

Catnips are the type of plants that attracts cats. It is also known as “catmints”. Catnip itself is a mint plant and was originally originated from North Africa and currently present all over the world and can be grown at homes too.

Nepetalactone is a substance that is released by the catnips and is found in the oils of catmints and is only released when the cat is around or the cat interacts with it. Catnips acts as a stimulant for the cats. Nepetalactone is easily evaporated in the air and surroundings and can cause effects on your cat’s behaviour and health including fatigue, laziness, drooling,  Sleepiness and even lethargic behaviour. Since catnip evaporates easily, it loses the effect on your cat easily too.

Few evidence-based studies show that catnip causes a  hallucinogenic effect which further results in the production of substances that make a feline feel contented and energetic that cat loves to play and jump around and even hunt in their surroundings. Few of the cats may even try to squeeze more chemicals out of the plant and leave so they can encounter a stronger effect.

However, the effects of catnip only last for 10 to 15 minutes and after that, your cat becomes resistant to it and wouldn’t show any further reaction or behaviour change. 

There are few signs that may help you in identifying that your cat is exposed to the catnip. Those signs include hyperactivity and aggression, Excessive drooling and stretching and last but not the least, rubbing their body and cheeks with their owner or furniture.

Introducing catnip to your feline friend is really easy, you can introduce it in the form of catnip toys, dried catnip leaves or even catnip plants. However, catnip works for more than 70% of cats but not effective on all cats as they are determined by genes. In such cases, Valerian Root or the Tatarian Honeysuckle Wood can be used.

Catnips are completely safe for cats. Giving a few pinches of catnip to your feline friend wouldn’t have much effect on their health and in case of catnips, there is no concept of overdose once the cat feels they are full, they will stop consuming it and Hence it wouldn’t cause a hangover. However, it can be harmful in case of pregnancy and shall be avoided if your cat is pregnant.

Catnip is an amazing plant and apart from cats, its beneficial for dogs and humans too.

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