A Guide To Take Care Of A Newborn Kitten

A Guide To Take Care Of A Newborn Kitten

Taking care of a newborn kitten is very difficult and challenging and is a huge responsibility. Normally, cats look after their newborn kitten up to the age of 6 weeks. But in case newborn kitten is separated from the mother either dua to adoption or mother’s death or disowning the kitten, then the cat’s owner is responsible for looking after the newborn kitten and to do that you should be aware of all pro and cons. Let’s discuss a few important things that should be kept in mind while taking care of a newborn kitten.

How to Feed

Though feeding a newborn can be difficult but it’s not impossible. Newborns aren’t used to of any habits or environment so you can easily mould them according to your routine and requirements. Purchase a zero size kitten feeder and make a tiny hole into it so only a small quantity of milk can pass through it and go into baby kitten’s mouth. According to age and growth, the size of the hole can be changed and increased. For this type of pet accessories, you can visit Petshub the best online pets store.   

When to Feed

Newborn kittens drink a very small amount of milk every time and hence they feel hungry again after every 2-3 hours. Ideally, Feeding after 3 hours would be appropriate 

What to Feed

Mother’s milk is ideal for a newborn kitten but since it’s not available, you can go for a good quality milk replacer as that is the best substitute for mother’s milk and is prepared as per the nutritional needs of a kitten. Do not give goat’s or packed milk which is designed for humans as they cause stomach and gastric issues and in case milk replacer isn’t available, you can give cow’s milk with plenty of water added in it but this isn’t a permanent solution and you need to find the alternative or replacement as soon as possible. Once the kitten approaches 4 to 6 weeks, you can opt for dry kitten food.

Ideal Environment

Newborn kittens are very sensitive and should be protected from extreme weathers whether it’s extremely hot or extremely cold. They must be kept at room temperature. In hot temperatures, they can survive at room temperature but in cold weather, they must be kept warm and indoors.

Mother’s warmth is essential and cannot be replaced but since the mother isn’t available you can try compensating with a hot water bottle, towel wrap so it can give warmth but be careful as it may burn the skin of poor kitten.

How to clean

Don’t try any medicines or chemicals on the tiny kitten. If it is infected with fleas or ticks, you can remove them manually or by using warm water and a towel. Kitten under three weeks cannot be potty and pee trained hence you need to keep them in a moderate size house or box with a towel sheet so they wouldn’t dirty your house and can be easily cleaned. You can also use wet towels and wet wipes to clean your kitten and start their training once they are 4 weeks old.

Make sure you get them regularly vaccinated and provide them a suitable environment for growth and development.

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