Top 3 Symptoms of Diarrhoea in Cats

cat suffering from diarrhoea

Diarrhoea or commonly known as the upset stomach can be really painful and annoying whether it’s present in humans or cats but it’s more discomforting in cats as they cannot express what they are going through or feeling and they don’t even know how to resolve it. Before solving the issue it’s important to understand the problem and look at all its aspects so let’s see what are the possible causes of diarrhoea in cats.

There can be various reasons for diarrhoea. Few of them are mentioned below:

Your cat might have an infection which may lead to diarrhoea. They might be infection by parasites such as hookworms, roundworms, liver flukes or fleas and ticks. It can also be a viral infection which includes Feline Leukaemia Virus, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, Rota-virus etc. Bacterial, fungal or protozoan infection can also be the cause of diarrhoea.

  • Food

Another possible reason for diarrhoea is food. The food you are feeding your cat might not be a food choice as it may contain any ingredient that your cat might be allergic to. Food intolerance is another point to be considered e.g your cat might be lactose intolerant and in case you are planning to change your cat’s food brand, you must do it slowly and gradually. Sudden dietary changes may also result in diarrhoea. Both indoor and outdoor cats have different nutritional demands and different digestive systems so you must be careful about your cat’s food and diet.

Other possible reasons

Other possible reasons for diarrhoea include inflammatory bowel diseases, colitis and pancreatitis. Diarrhoea is often a symptom of other diseases that may include liver diseases, kidney diseases, hyperthyroidism, hypersensitive digestive tract, reaction to some medicine, anaphylaxis and Addison’s disease.

How to treat diarrhoea:

If your cat is suffering from diarrhoea, make sure it stays hydrated and have access to clean hygienic water. Avoid giving any food or mixtures for 12-24 hours and still, if diarrhoea persists with other symptoms such as laziness, lethargic, vomiting or other unusual behaviours, you should consult the vet and get it treated as soon as possible because your cat cannot speak and express her pain but it’s you who is supposed to understand its body language and gestures.

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