Overfeeding Pets Can Be Harmful

overfeeding to a pet

Overeating is harmful not only in humans but in pets too. Chubby and oversized pets look extremely cute and adorable but overfeeding them can have serious and dangerous effects on your pet. It is difficult to say no when that adorable face is begging you to share some of your food with them, but at the end of the day, pet owners need to be strong in this regard.

Usually, new pet owners aren’t aware of the pet’s food pattern and requirement and for them, the meaning of their every action is demanding food and giving these constant treats leads to overfeeding which wouldn’t only make your pet obese but would lead to other diseases too.

An important point to be considered is that after neutering or spaying, most pets have reduced nutritional needs. But unfortunately, most of the pet owners aren’t aware of it and they feed their pets like dogs, cats more than their Cat food and dog food needed. Over-feeding your pets don’t only lead to multiple health issues but also increases the overall expenditure on pet’s food.

The biggest advantage of overfeeding is that they make your pet overweight and overweight/obesity isn’t only itself a disease but also a root cause of many other diseases too. Obesity can lead to:


  • Joint arthritis as joints cannot bear excess weight and gets weaker.
  • Diabetes as more sugary and cholesterol-raising food components.
  • Respiratory and skin infections as an increase in weight weaken immunity system.
  • Gastrointestinal issues due to excess feeding
  • Liver damage
  • The decrease in overall life span.


When an animal is overweight or obese, they tend to be lazy and feels lethargic and doesn’t participate in any activity that they usually love e.g playing and running around. They are sleepy and tired most of the time it especially happens in case of cats, they are unable to groom themselves either and hence results in compromised hygiene.

Overfeeding the cat definitely needs extra food too hence it also increases the overall expense and food cost and since over overweight can lead to several medical issues, vet expenditure is also increased and needs a big amount of money to get them treated.

As commonly said, prevention is better than cure, let’s have a look at a few preventive measures.


  • Read the details mentioned on the pet food, consider their nutritional values and feed your pet accordingly.
  • Consult and discuss with your vet and choose the right food with the right ingredients for your pet.
  • Design a proper regimen of exercise and make sure that your pet loses the extra calories gained.
  • Do not share the scraps or left-outs of your own food with your pet.
  • Take your pet for regular checkups quarterly or twice a year.

It is necessary to keep in mind that a healthy diet plan will keep your pet healthy. Keep a check on their health and daily activities and note down any changes you find. Choose the food that provides all food components that your pet needs and fulfil their nutritional demands. Do not overfeed either feed less than their need.

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