7 Useful Tips How To Train A Cat To Use A Scratching Post

7 Useful Tips How To Train A Cat To Use A Scratching Post

Assuming you’ve quite recently purchased a new scratching post for your feline, it very well may be somewhat dampening to see them walk right by it and dive their paws into the arm of the couch all things considered! We can barely comprehend your shock and disappointment when your feline chooses to ignore the scratching post and instead use your valuable furniture. 

Luckily, there are many tips and advice that you can use to ask your cat to start to utilize the scratching post.

1- Pick A Scratching Post That Is Tall

Cats should have the option to reach up as high as possible to scratch and stretch. In the event that the scratching post is excessively short, your feline may not check out it. The scratching post ought to be sufficiently high to permit your feline to remain on her back legs and reach over her head with her front paws. 

2- Start Scratching Post At Young Age

As the idiom goes, “You can’t instruct and teach new tips and tricks to an old creature.” Similarly, it tends to be hard to teach an old feline how to utilize a scratching post. All things considered, the lounge chair has been serving them fine and dandy. Therefore it is critical to start felines with scratching posts when they are still little cats. Place a more modest post close to their home, and it will be one of the principal things they begin to play with.

3- Utilize a Natural Scratching Post

Most of the scratching posts in the market are made of rug-like/carpet-like materials. Besides the way that your cat really tries to avoid it, it additionally looks like your floor cover, making them return to their standard scratching places.

Natural scratching posts are normally made of Sisal Fabric. These sisal scratchers can do ponders when you train your feline. It gives them a magnificent scratching experience.

These sturdy and harsher kinds of scratchers are advantageous at whatever point they need to deliver those “feel great” chemicals/hormones. That keeps them tranquil and agreeable inside their environmental elements.

4- Appropriate Placement Of Scratching Post

A few cats like their scratchers placed in an upward direction; some don’t. Recall that cats love to scratch to extend those little arms, bears, and back. Knowing your cat’s inclination is significant. Ensure that the post is situated where they are probably going to utilize it, which is regularly near where they rest.

Consider purchasing an adaptable normal scratching post for your cats. A decent scratcher can be handily moved around and situated either upward or on a level plane. It’s useful for them to have a long or tall scratcher to extend those back and shoulder muscles.

It ought to likewise be strong and with no free parts. Cat’s know whether it isn’t protected. Ensure you purchase something stable that won’t fall onto your feline.

5- Utilizing Catnip Along With Scratching Post 

The best way to attract your cat to utilize a characteristic feline scratching post is by using a catnip. This can be extremely successful with many felines, and they will go off the deep end for it. Hang catnip bags from the top or sprinkle catnip on the base and inside the texture. Stay close to the scratcher and welcome them to play.

6- Ensure The Scratching Post Is Stable

To ensure your feline’s scratching post is steady, take a stab at fixing it to a surface or ensuring the post has a durable base so it won’t move when the feline scratches it. In the event that your feline feels the post-move or shift, she won’t have a solid sense of safety and may decline to utilize the post.

7- Get Numerous Scratching Posts For Multiple Cats 

Cats live by a specific code. If one feline asserts something, different cats ought not to touch it except if they need war. While that code is straightforward, it goes far in guaranteeing polyphony among felines that live respectively.

Along these lines, in the event that you have many felines in your home, you will need to purchase a proportionate number of scratching posts. Assuming you just have one post, the others probably won’t be contacting it keeping in mind the feline that guaranteed it first.

Having different posts will guarantee that your feline generally approaches a scratching post any place she is. Having various posts is significantly more significant assuming that you have multiple felines.

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