Top 10 Guard Dog Breeds In Pakistan – The Best Watchdogs For Protection 

A guard dog breed can be a superb expansion to any home. The probability of your property being burglarized goes down significantly when these guard dogs are available in the home. It is critical to take note that these varieties require satisfactory and legitimate training to assist with the transition into your home.

Property or home holders should know about this before buying or taking on a dog variety with forceful characteristics. Inappropriate training or disregard will bring about an extremely forceful canine that can be perilous around little youngsters, the old, and other dog breeds in Pakistan.

Top 10 Guard Dog Breeds In Pakistan 

Here, we’ll discuss the ten most common watchdogs or guard dog breeds in Pakistan. 

  • German Shepherd Dog
  • Huskies
  • Rottweiler
  • Akita
  • Pit Bull
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Bullmastiff
  • The Great Pyrenees
  • Goliath Schnauzer

German Shepherd Dog

On account of his overwhelming height and boisterous bark, this German shepherd is broadly considered to be one of the most outstanding guard dog breeds in Pakistan. Its reliability and boldness have no limits, and it will put its own life in danger for that of its family. It is a characteristic learner and simple to train. Some of the time a German shepherd can accept its position excessively genuinely, however, and should be instructed not to jump on any individual who approaches you or the home. These canines in all actuality do shed a great deal and jump at the chance to have something important to take care of, so consider that before focusing on one. The height of a German shepherd is 22 to 26 inches and his weight is 50 to 90 pounds. Its life expectancy is 7 to 10 years. 


Used to pull sleds in the northern areas and separated for their quick pulling style, they were likewise used for sled canine racing and experience traveling. Nonetheless, they can be risky to more modest creatures because of their solid hunter intuition and are known for being damaging if they are exhausted.


Rotties, as they are known to their fans, can be sweet and perky with their families, and are exceptionally defensive of them. That is the reason they are one of the best guard dog breeds in Pakistan. To pariahs, rottweilers might show up detached. The variety is plunged from old mastiffs and nearly went wiped out in the last part of the 1800s. Without a doubt more modest than their mastiff cousins, coming in at a normal of around 100 pounds when completely developed, Rotties can, in any case, play the terrorizing card and back it up with their nibble. Since they can cause serious injury, rottweilers really must be mingled and prepared from the get-go so they comprehend when it endlessly isn’t OK to act forcefully. Training can likewise assist with keeping their yelping from turning into irritation. The height of Rottweiler is 22 to 27 inches and his weight is 80 to 135 pounds. Their life expectancy is 9 to 10 years.


This stocky, wavy followed Japanese mountain dog is loved in its local country as an image of good wellbeing and long life. Akitas are wildly defensive naturally, and in the Middle Ages, they watched the Japanese sovereign and his loved ones. Akitas are exceptionally friendly creatures, and they can be energetic and senseless. Commonly, they bark just when there’s a truly valid justification. Akitas can be forceful or aggressive with different canines and you must connect properly with them as well similarly as with individuals. The height of Akita is 24 to 28 inches and his weight is 70 to 130 pounds. Their life expectancy is 10 to 14 years. 

Pit Bull 

People condemn Pit Bull for quite a long time, and not many individuals understand their actual worth. While they are brutal with anything they see to be in any way compromising, they are incredibly delicate and loving with their proprietors. Pitbulls make a great house pet and a threatening gatekeeper canine. You should deal with Pit Bull well and give accurate training.

The term ‘pit bull’ incorporates specific types of canines from the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, and the American Bulldog. Initially reproduced for bedeviling bulls and bears. 

Belgian Malinois

Long utilized in police work, this canine variety accomplished a snapshot of acclaim when one named Cairo assisted Navy SEAL Team 6 bring down Osama with binning Laden in 2011. Comparative in appearance to the German shepherd, the Malinois is solid, wise, and steadfast, settling on it an extraordinary decision for a watchman dog. Nonetheless, it can likewise be regional and envious, as indicated by the American Belgian Malinois Club. Hence, families ought to be ready to submit a significant measure of time to train. The height of a Belgian Malinois is 22 to 26 inches and his weight is 40 to 80 pounds. Their life expectancy is 14 to 16 years. 

Doberman Pinschers

Doberman Pinschers are famous for their sharpness, reliability, and insight. These are the best guard dog breeds in Pakistan. They possibly assault if they sense that their family and their property are at serious risk. Albeit once utilized as watchman canines or police canines, they additionally display forceful ways of behaving coordinated to outsiders and different canines, however, proprietor coordinated hostility is low. Their animosity because of their size and strength can likewise make them possibly risky.


The defensive and charming Bullmastiff is a cross between an English bulldog and an English Mastiff. Another name for Bullmastiff is “Quiet guard dog”.  Because of its brave, solid, and prudent nature, this is one of the best guard dog breeds in Pakistan. Bullmastiffs are profoundly protective of outsiders because of their unbounded adoration and fondness for the family. A normal Bullmastiff weighs around 150 pounds, making it fit for bringing down people of bigger forms. They should train to learn and follow orders and kept drawing in as they don’t like dullness. The main hitch to keeping a Bullmastiff is grasping their ceaseless drooling.

The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is one of the best guard dog breeds in Pakistan.  While having a delicate attitude and being very quiet with kids, they are exceptionally protective and defensive over their families. Try not to anticipate that the Great Pyrenees should move around affectionately on your sofa. As it would be occupied with watching the external borders, cautioning you with its particular, weighty bark. These shrewd canines impeccably fathom the elements of their family, while being dubious of outsiders and visitors. Since they are slow learners, possibly own the Pyrenees if you can focus on quietly showing it new orders.

Goliath Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer is a functioning dog from Bavaria. It is best for a variety of capacities, including filling in as a police dog, watching brewers, pulling trucks, and grouping cows. They are threatening because of their weighty size, yet additionally because of their savage chomp and scaring bark. The Giant Schnauzer is an incredibly vivacious variety. Whenever left idle for significant stretches, their disastrous side may uncover. You might need to stay away from this variety assuming you have little youngsters.

They remain somewhat quiet and seldom bark except if they feel compromised. This settles on them as an ideal decision for security purposes and families. They sturdily work with a thick coat and are incredibly faithful to the family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is no 1 dog in the world?

The Labrador Retriever holds the best position, and this agreeable most loved has been No. 1 starting around 1991. Underneath, find positioned yearly arrangements of AKC-perceived breeds.

What is the most intelligent dog?

As per The Intelligence of Dogs, the boundary collie is the most intelligent dog variety.

What is the ideal gatekeeper dog?

One of the most outstanding gatekeeper canine varieties, the Doberman is a smooth, strong, brave, and quick canine. It is the fifth-most brilliant canine variety on the planet. It is most effective in safeguarding its kin and caution 100% of the time. Dobermans additionally bark a great deal.

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