Selecting the Perfect Dog Food for Your Perfect Friend

Dog Food

It is commonly said that “Dogs are man’s best friend” and petshub.pk absolutely believes in it and we suppose your dog’s health is as important to you as that of any other family member. So would you just give anything to your loved ones to eat without looking at its contents and nutritional values?? Certainly not!! You would definitely want your pet dog to eat healthy and nutritious dog food. But what we need to understand is that every dog has its own nutritional needs and the dog food that works for one may not work for another. You cannot always have a 100% satisfaction that you are feeding your dog the right food but there are some things you can consider while selecting your dog food.

Understanding the Labels

In the first 8 to 10 weeks period, your dog food must be completely controlled and monitored. You should notice any food allergies that your dog might have whether it’s wheat, corn, chicken, beef, soy or other dairy products. While buying your dog food you should have a look at the key-word mentioned on the packet whether it’s labelled chicken dog food, beef dog food or fish dog food etc. This indicates that the food will contain 95% of that particular product without including the water content that may bring it down to 70% if included.

Another word you should be aware of is “dinner”. If the word dinner is mentioned on your dog food it means the product has only 25% of the listed ingredients e.g. salmon dinner will only have 25% of the salmon. This holds true for words like “formula”, “nuggets”, “entree” and “platter” as well. If more than one product is mentioned on the dog food pack i.e. salmon chicken dinner, it means the combined proportion of salmon and chicken will be 25%.

The last word you should be aware of is “with”. If the word is mentioned on your dog food it means only 3% of that ingredient with being present. Let suppose the label on your dog food is chicken dinner with sweet potatoes. It means that your dog food will contain 25% chicken and only 3% of the sweet potatoes. Whatever “flavour” you choose it means the company is required to add only trace amounts of the ingredient whether it’s chicken, beef or fish enough that it is detectable by your dog.

Nutritional Adequacy

Check for the nutritional adequacy statement on your dog food whether it’s for adult dogs, puppies, all life stage, large breed dogs, small breed dogs or all dog breeds and select the one which is most accurate for your dog.

Since dogs are omnivores and meat is their first and foremost requirement and priority, therefore, dog food that contains meat should be given priority at the first hand though should be avoided in case of allergies and should be switched to the dog food primarily consisting of vegetables. Another thing you should avoid is buying any dog food that has vegetable, tuber or grain as their primary ingredients. These aren’t bad for your dogs or have any harmful effects but these are neither beneficial nor useful to your dogs.

While buying your dog food make sure it has all these five nutritional groups are present in it i.e. proteins, carbohydrates, fibres, vitamins and minerals. Your dog requires proteins for its bones, muscles, and skin whereas carbohydrates are the source of energy and also makes your skin healthy. Fibre keeps your digestive system healthy and vitamins are essential for the working of your dog’s heart, immune system and liver and minerals make your dog’s teeth and bones stronger.

Things to consider while Buying Dog Food

A few things you need to consider while buying your dog food:

  1. Your dog’s age: every dog has different dietary requirements according to age and activities.
  2. Your dog’s body condition: diet needs to be controlled keeping the body type in mind and preventing diseases which are caused especially due to obesity and increased weight.
  3. Your dog’s health history: your dog’s health history especially the body needs and allergies should especially be considered while selecting the dog food.
  4. Your dog’s preferences: you should also not your dog preferences whether he prefers grain-free food or grained ones, chicken or beef or salmon, wet or dry, and also on the type of activities your dog performs whether it’s a hunter dog or sporty dog or a pet dog.
  5. Your own budget: Lastly consider your own budget as it needs to be bought every month and it should be pocket-friendly and light on your budget.

Few things you need to check before selecting your dog food are:

  • Does it contain any preservatives?
  • Does it contain any artificial ingredients?
  • Is it labelled as human-grade?
  • Does it have different flavours?
  • Is it the best quality?
  • Will your dog like it?
  • Is it fulfilling your dog’s nutritional needs?

We hope all the information mentioned above helps you in choosing the best food and most nutritious food for your dog. If you still have any other question or queries you may write to us at info@petshub.pk.

Keep your pets happy because happy pets make happy owners.

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