How The Sleeping Position Of Your Pet Indicates You About Their Health

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It is generally observed that pets sleep more than humans and surely looks adorable while sleeping but the least noticed thing is their position and way of sleeping. The sleeping position of your pet tells a lot more than you can imagine. Let petshub.pk introduces you to a few sleeping positions and their meaning in dogs as well as cats.

Sleeping positions in dogs

  • Curled up: If your dog is curling up their body it means either they are afraid and trying to protect themselves or they are feeling cold and trying to keep themselves warm. Usually, the ideal temperature for the dogs ranges from 65 to 80 degrees.
  • Belly up/On their back: If your dog is laying on his back with his belly upwards it indicates that your dog is relaxed and at a comfortable place where he feels protected.
  • Belly down/On their belly: If your pet is on their belly it means their belly and paw muscles are contracted and it indicates your dog is either in stress or have some other discomfort.
  • On your chest: If your dog is laid on your chest it means that he shares a deep and trusted relationship with you and he misses you in your absence.
  • Passed Out: If your dog is in the passed out position it means they are feeling hot and since they have their sweat glands in their footpads they will expose their paws and belly to cool down.
  • Sprawled Out: It indicates that your dog is fresh and active and wants to play and jump around.
  • On their side: It indicates that your dog is comfortable and easy-going and wants to spend a long time in resting and sleeping.

The above-mentioned positions indicate much about your dog’s state of mind as well as the bond you share with your pet. If you notice constant symptoms of stress and discomfort in your dog, you should immediately go for health checkup from a qualified vet available at petshub.pk

Sleeping positions in Cats

  • Paws over eyes: If your cat places her paws over eyes it means she either feels insecure or wants to cover the light entering in her eyes. Firstly eliminates any source of light that might be disturbing her and if she maintains the same position look for the causes that might be making her insecure.
  • Half Eyes Open: Half eyes open indicates that either your cat is looking for the mouse or some other prey or securing herself from a dog or some other predator. In other words, your cat is trying to keep herself aware of her surroundings.
  • Wrapping paws around you: If your cat wraps her paws around you it means she trusts and loves you and wants to gain your attention.
  • Hiding inside something: If you find your cat inside some drawer or box or even hidden under the table or behind the door, it means she is trying to indicate that your house is too busy or crowded and it’s bothering her and making her feel insecure.
  • Front Paws together: If you notice your cat with front paws together it means she is ready to play or have some other kind of activity. This position indicates that the cat is alert.
  • Belly up: If your cat is sleeping in the belly up position it means she is completely relaxed and fully trusts the people in her surroundings.
  • Curled in a ball: This position indicates that your cat wants to be left alone and she is protecting her stomach and paws by adopting this position. This is the commonest position observed in furballs.

Your pets cannot speak hence it’s your responsibility to understand their body language and respond to it accordingly.

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