7 Best Tips On How To Bath Your Cat

How to Bath cat

Keeping a pet, especially a cat might be an easy task but its hygiene is something you need to worry about. Maintaining cat hygiene isn’t only necessary for the cat but also the ones who own it.  On petshub.pk let us describe a few basic important points which should be kept in mind while bathing a cat.

When to give your cat a bath?

Well, since cats are good at keeping themselves clean they don’t need baths regularly and can be cleaned weekly except a few that are hairless breeds like sphynx as they do not have enough furr to absorb skin’s natural oils.

How to give your cat a bath?

Most of the adult cats especially the pet domestic cats don’t like getting wet at all and giving them a bath is like winning a battle but taking the right steps at the right time can make it possible. Let’s consider those steps:

  1. Keep all your supplies ready and handy. Make sure you have a towel, shampoo, spray and pitcher near you.
  2. Fill your sink or bathtub (preferably sink as you wouldn’t have to bend much) with lukewarm water and use a pitcher to slowly shower water on your cat avoiding face and ear area.
  3. Dilute the cat shampoo as per the instructions on the shampoo bottle and gently massage it on your cat making sure it doesn’t reach face and ears.
  4. Rinse off your cat slowly with lukewarm water using a pitcher or spray. Keep the pitcher close and use a small amount of water as it will make your cat feel more comfortable and easy and clean thoroughly to prevent skin infection and irritation.
  5. Use a soft towel or a washcloth with lukewarm water and clean your cat’s face.
  6. Finally, wrap a soft towel around your cat and press politely to absorb excess water. You can also try a blow dryer if your cat is comfortable with it.
  7. If your pet has long tangled hairs you may use a pet comb to detangle and arrange them.

It is next to impossible to make your cat love taking baths but following these steps you can make your cat less stressed during bath.

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