Royal Canin Dog Food

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Health is something that is different for every dog. They all have different nutritional needs according to their breed, job, size and purpose. Police and sports dog’s needs to stay more active and alert while pet dogs needs to look cosmetically more attractive and adorable. While we live in a country like Pakistan, where we have frequent climate changes and we go through all kind of weather changes, it has an impact on dogs too.

Hence, it is very important that you provide your dog with nutritionally best dog food available in Pakistan. Royal canin offers tailored nutrition according to your dog’s need.

A puppy or a baby dog is in its growth and development years and need a food that doesn’t only fulfill its nutritional needs but also make its immunity system strong so he can have natural defensive system and strong body.

Royal canin have designed Royal Canin Maxi Puppy and German Shepherd Puppy dry dog food exclusively for this purpose. It will fulfill all nutritional needs of your puppy aging from 8 weeks to 15 months.

But we know well, as the puppy ages, their nutritional requirements changes and hence dietary composition must be changed. From Puppy food, you can switch to Royal Canin Club Pro Junior Dog Food, Royal Canin Labrador Junior, Royal Canin Junior X-small dog Food or Royal Canin Mini Junior Dog Food depending upon the breed and type of your junior dog. All these balanced diets will keep your dog’s coat and all the vital organs healthy. These are all complete foods and does not need to be supplemented with any other food. They maintain general health of your dog, Promotes lustrous and smooth coat and are rich source of essential amino acids for your junior dog.

Once your dog is an adult, you can opt for Royal Canin Energy 4800 Dog Food, Royal Canin Giant Adult Dry Dog Food, Royal Canin Maxi Adult, Royal Canin Rottweiler Adult, Royal Canin Club Pro Energy HE Dog Food etc.

These products are designed keeping your dog’s breed in mind as well as the duty they are supposed to perform. They all satisfies your dog’s appetite and makes their joints and bones strong and also provides high energy for heavy duty dogs. All you need to do is understand your dog’s needs and accordingly choose the best dog food available in Pakistan.

Another amazing product by Royal Canin is Royal Canin Maxi Starter. It is designed particularly for the bitches and should be given to them during gestation and lactation period. It would help them in fulfilling all their nutritional demands during gestation and will keep them healthy and active. It can be ordered from a best online pet store in Pakistan or can be purchased by visiting any good pet accessories shop.

Whether it’s human or dog, their nutritional needs vary from each other and differs in different age groups and need to be understood for a healthy living and strong defense against diseases.