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Pai pai dog food is a high-quality protein diet for your puppies and doggies. Pai pai dog food is a complete, well-balanced dietary formulation. Pai pai dog food is formulated with crude protein (≥22.0%), crude fat (≥8.0%), crude fiber (≤9.0%), moisture (≤10.0%), crude ash (≤10.0%), calcium (≥1.0%), phosphorus (≥0.8%), water-solvent chloride (≥0.45%), and lysine (≥0.77%)

What Are the Key Benefits of Pai Pai Dog Food:

  • Fresh beef found in pai pai dog food is incredible for securing and protecting joints, hair, and mental health.
  • Chicken breast meat is plentiful in vitamin C and E and has a high protein proportion, high edibility, and great taste.
  • Rice contains well-balanced supplements like sugars, protein, and nutrients to assist canines with development.
  • Egg yolk sustenance, high absorption rate, calcium ingestion for bones, and causes less calcium loss.
  • It is enriched in omega 3, 6 and unsaturated fats, advancing the canine the emission of the sebaceous organs of oils and fats convey brilliant hide.
  • The sensible extent of high protein and low fat can adequately control body shape.
  • It is rich in foods grown from the ground proteins, diminish gastrointestinal weight, and works on the retention of supplements in the digestive system.
  • It has low oil and salt recipe, wealthy in carotene, taurine, to eliminate tears.
  • The mix of coarse grains, new meat, hamburger, and products of the soil will reinforce canines’ bones.