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Mr. Pet Dog Food is a complete and balanced pet food for your adult and young dog. Mr. Pet Dog Food is a delicious detailing with chicken and rice for general wellbeing. Because of the great edibility of fixings like nutrients A-D3-E in Mr. Pet Dog Food which is included for adjusted sustenance. Mr. Pet Dog Food helps in the physiological body capacities. Food is without counterfeit tones and additives.

Mr. Pet Dog Food is composed of cereals (rice 4%), meat and creature derivates (chicken 4%), oils and fats, derivatives of the vegetable beginning, minerals. Mr. Pet Dog Food also contains crude protein 22% – crude filaments 3.5%, crude fat 10%, crude debris 9.5%, and moisture 8%.

Mr. Pet Dog Food contains Vitamin A (retinyl acetic acid derivation), Vitamin D3, Vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopherol acetic acid derivation), selenium, copper, and iodine.

What Are the Key Benefits of Mr. Pet Dog Food:

  • It advances the mental and physical health of your dog 
  • Its utilization brings solid and shiny teeth to your dog
  • It improves bone growth and causes the rapid bone formation
  • It is involved in providing thick, beautiful, and shiny hide/fur
  • It further improves and develops canine vision and eyesight